We’re Parents Just Like You

" We believe that by focusing on all-natural, organic ingredients, we can offer a higher-quality product that is healthier for the skin, better for the environment, safer, and affordable for all families. Bimpe delivers gorgeous results, easy-to-use products, and nutrient-rich formulas that pay homage to our heritage while also embracing a pure, holistic, and sustainable approach to skin and haircare for generations to come. We created Bimpe to support the health and wellness of children like our own Miracle Baby, with a focus on black, biracial, and BiPOC babies.

- Team Majek

Founders, George & Shamara Majekodunmi


Baby Bimpe


The Brand Bimpe initially began as a result of Co-Owner Shamara's (of Bimpe's husband and wife team) adverse personal circumstances. The company name is inspired by the married couple's 'miracle baby'- Bimpe, born when Shamara was 43 years old. Almost immediately after Bimpe was born, Shamara began her journey of multiple ICU and hospital stays. One after one, she was admitted and readmitted for severe health conditions like pulmonary emboli (blood clots), Preeclampsia, Cardiomyopathy (postpartum heart failure), and severe blood loss.


By the grace of God, excellent physicians, family, friends, the love and support of her husband, and a mother's will to fight, she began to recover. As she grew stronger, Shamara began thinking and preparing for her life as a new mother (her oldest was 24, yep 24!) and recently retired business and marketing consultant for over 22 years.  


"This time around, it's totally different. I was 18 when I had Chauntanese. I was always in hustle and grind mode as a single mother. I only wish I had the time, experience, and patience I do now back then. At this stage of life, I have the time to really focus on being a mom (sad to say) and searching for the best of everything to give to Bimpe," Shamara states.

Our Baby. Our Bimpe!

She began researching skin and hair care brands. Looking for all-natural and organic premium-grade solutions that understood black hair and skin needs, she became disappointed.

"I was looking for a brand that focused equally on skin and hair,  was made for babies and honestly little kids, my grandbabies age, around one and seven. And would not make me file bankruptcy." She chuckles as she reflects on her journey.


Disappointed again,  Shamara quickly found out that many of the current market options had one attribute. Still, not the other and contained synthetic ingredients.


Ultimately, this led to the birth of Bimpe the Brand! Now little baby Bimpe and Mommy Majek's two grandbabies, Iris and Jenesis, get to enjoy the best of all-natural and organic skin and hair care solutions for black and biracial babies and kids.

Team Majek ensures Bimpe focuses equally on promoting healthier skin and hair alike.  Both Bimpe's skin and hair care products are naturally effective, organically fueled, and rich in nutrients. Bimpe's products are of higher quality, affordable, healthier, better for the environment and our kids. But most importantly, Bimpe's products promote a healthier future self-confidence.


Mommy and Daddy Majek (George) ensure Bimpe's skin and hair care solutions are created free of mineral oils, petroleum, or petrolatum, which tend to clog pores. Every product has been formulated without Phthalates, Propyl-paraben and Butyl-paraben, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Formaldehyde, and alcohol.


Bimpe's target audience for haircare solutions is black and biracial children ages three months to about six years of age. However, Bimpe's products are used just as much by big kids like Chauntansese, their 24 years old daughter. Bimpe's target audience for skincare solutions is children ages three months to roughly 10 years of age and all ethnicities.  


Team Majek found that handmade, all-natural, 100% organic, and vegan products are an underdeveloped and misunderstood necessity within the black community. This lack of exposure to products like Bimpe's results in an inaccurate perception of affordability, effectiveness, and consumers. 


Team Majek is now adding to their mission of embracing a pure, holistic, and sustainable approach to skin and haircare for generations to come with striving to make a difference through education, video tutorials, Blogs, and of course, their solutions. Their work is more than handmaking Bimpe products but trying to reverse the generational mindset (curse) within the black community of "you fancy,” "you boujie," or "that’s for white folks.”


Shamara closes with this poignant statement, “my husband and I believe that by keeping the standard of “ is this safe for our kids? Is this good for our babies? How will this help mom and dad help the baby?" We will continue to offer higher-quality products that are better for our little one's skin and hair.


Bimpe will always be handmade, all-natural and organic, affordable, results-driven, and made with our babies in mind. I know that Bimpe can change the natural, organic, and vegan skin and haircare narrative that has been recited to us as black people. We promise to continue to create products that deliver gorgeous results and pay homage to our amazing heritage.”


Bimpe is an Indie, family-owned, black-owned, and female-owned organic skin and haircare brand.

Prevent. Restore. Heal.

Christiana " Bimpe" Majekodunmi