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“When you give joy to other people, you get more joy in return. You should give a good thought to happiness that you can give out.”— Eleanor Roosevelt.

Bimpe's House of Books and Beauty

Dedicated To Enhancing People's Lives.

Bimpe Books are Perfect Resources for

  • Non-profits

  • Afterschool Programs

  • Ministries

  • Academia

  • Daycares

  • Libraries

  • Churches and YOU!

Cute boy holding Bimpe BOOK
Bimpe's House of Books and Beauty

We Create Resources That Encourage, Inspire, And Enrich Readers' Lives Through

  • Deluxe full-color journals

  • Prompt gratitude journals in full color

  • Sketchbooks for artists

  • Children's books to improve reading, math, and comprehension

  • Children's books that promote self-acceptance and love

  • Calming and relaxing mindfulness coloring books

  • A collection of self-help books

  • Entrepreneurship-related books

  • Books that promote self-discovery

  • and the list goes on and on

Goal digger's book
Cute teen girl holding bimpe book
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