Bimpe, handmade, natural, organic, skin and hair care, elixirs, butters and oils, babies and tots.

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As a Bimpe Retailer, you can supply your business with all of Bimpe’s natural and organic skin and hair care products for kids at a fraction of the cost. 

As a retailer, you can resell our products in your store, market, or practice for an adjusted retail price. 


By stocking your business with Bimpe's products you not only are getting behind the mission of Bimpe, but you are also adding even more value to your business.

We have a simple and safe financing option available. Please review the Affirm Overview for details. 

Once your wholesale account has been created and you place your first order, you will have the option to apply with Affirm. We love using Affirm as an option for our wholesalers because it's a no-hassle, no-hidden fee reasonable financial institution. 

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Ideal Opportunity For:
  • Pediatricians 

  • Dermatologists

  • Beauticians

  • Hair Dresser

  • Nutricianalist 

  • Those in Holistic Medicine 

  • Beauty Coaches or Consultants 

  • Beauty Supply Stores

  • Daycare Centers

  • Beauty or Nail Shop Owners 

  • Retail Store Owners

  • Indie Entrepreneurs

  • Online Retail Shop Owners

Get Behind the Mission

"Our mission is to create higher-quality products that are healthier for the skin and hair, better for the environment, and safer. Premium-grade products that everyday families can afford and sell."

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Affirm does not lend to businesses/residents in Iowa (IA) or West Virginia (WV).
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