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This is Us.

We thank you for your interest in Bimpe. Bimpe is an amazing beauty bar for mommies and kiddos. We pride ourselves in making handmade, all-natural skin and hair care solutions with bare ingredients at fair market prices. The rare quality of Bimpe’s products, personal touch, and service is what blesses us to receive testimonies like these!          

Handmade natural skincare and haircare for women and kids. Bimpe "one who is gorgeous and beautiful".

# “Ms. Shamara provided excellent customer service. Now the product is beyond amazing ( the add-ins we’re a perk). I’ve only been using it a couple of days and can already feel a difference. No dry spots and so soft now. I have sensitive yet dry skin and can’t use most products on my face… this works amazingly. I will be a repeat customer.” Jae

“Shamara was a pleasure to work with! She provided fast shipping and checked on me multiple times. She made herself available to answer my questions and suggest the best products for my needs. Her personality and caring spirit comes through with every interaction! Now about the products… I have fallen in love with my hair again! OMG! The texture is back!!! Anddddd it’s thickening and GROWING!! Thank you for your help, I’m excited to try more!!!” - Lakesha

“The product arrived in beautiful packaging with a hand-written note from the seller, along with my gift message. The recipient loved it and said it is one of the most luxurious things she's ever seen! Would definitely buy again.” Zina

This is How.

At Bimpe (YORUBA: Meaning to The One Who Is Gorgeous and Beautiful) it’s not only “what” type of ingredients we use in our amazing collection of all-natural skin and hair care solutions, but also “how” we pair them using P2GU (potential, properties, and greater use), our well researched and methodical proprietary method of pairing our all-natural oils, pure essential oils, organic kinds of butter, and natural additives. P2GU ensures our products lead with strong efficacy power to enhance the condition and overall health of our customer's skin and hair. Therefore, we believe we are the leading and most pioneering brand within the handmade all-natural skin and hair care space with fair prices, bare ingredients, and rare quality, leaving our customer's skin beautiful and hair gorgeous.

Perfecting and Radiance Enhancing Daily Face Cream Graphic.png

We believe our products and our brand are excellent fits for your organization. Our lines are amazingly creative, authentic, handmade, unique, luxe, healthy, and clean. We believe our type of creativity, dedication, commitment to excellence and innovation, and deluxe personal service will be a welcoming and well-received part of your brand’s equity. We wholeheartedly and confidently trust that Bimpe should be the next brand your company embraces.

This is Why.

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