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Our Founders

(Team Majek)

Our company is led by Shamara Majekodunmi and Adegoke "George" Majekodunmi, who drive our vision and daily operations. With their combined ownership of 100%, they bring unique perspectives, vast experiences, and an unwavering commitment to excellence that inspire and shape the direction and ethos of our enterprise.

Shamara Majekodunmi, Co-Founder/Owner 

Shamara is not just a figurehead; she is a dynamo of inspiration and forward-thinking. With over two decades of consulting experience and a multifaceted career spanning motivational speaking to life coaching, Shamara has honed her ability to empower and elevate individuals and brands. Her journey from the founder of a Christian training center to a beacon of hope for at-risk girls highlights her commitment to professional success and meaningful, community-centric growth.

Adegoke "George" Majekodunmi, Co-Founder/Owner 

George's path as a telecom software engineer and real estate entrepreneur speaks volumes about his technical acumen and business foresight. With an illustrious career that has seen him work with telecom giants and spearhead a thriving real estate company, George's structured, disciplined approach infuses our company with a robust foundation and an innovative edge.

Not Just Business and Life Partners

Shamara and George Majekodunmi are two individuals who share a vision of building a team that is as diverse and dynamic as the services they offer. They are not just business partners but also visionaries dedicated to creating a legacy beyond just business. Their professional achievements and commitment to community building make them exceptional leaders.

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