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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

One of the most essential hair weapons to have in your arsenal is an excellent pre-poo. Why? Keep reading, and you will soon understand.

What is pre-poo?

Pre-poo is the act of applying a deep conditioning treatment before shampooing. The purpose of the pre-poo is to form a protective coating around the hair preventing the shampoo from stripping all the moisture and natural oils (which commonly occurs when a natural shampoo is not used).

Why is it good to apply a quality pre-poo on your baby's hair?

There is absolutely nothing wrong, before we even go on, if your baby had no hair (super cute!) at birth or it has been slowly breaking off (we can help!). It is crucial to keep your baby's hair healthy and only use products that add moisture and hydration and not strip it away.

Here are a few reasons why you should use a pre-poo before cleansing your little one's hair;

1. A quality pre-poo locks in moisture deep into the hair follicle and leaves much-needed nutrient and oil content on the scalp and in the hair even after cleansing.

2. Pre-poo helps strengthen hair. This is because oil-based conditioners are full of great nutrients and vitamins that help keep hair strands strong and not prone to breakage.

3. It is a great way to detangle hair safely. Just in case you did not know, it is not okay to detangle hair when shampooing. This is because hair swells when wet, and combing can cause breakage (BIG NO,NO).

4. Using a pre-poo helps with styling. Since the hair is full of moisture, the styling process becomes more manageable!

How to use a pre-poo on your munchkin.

To maximize the results, apply pre-poo on their hair, focusing on the ends first. Section hair however you feel fit, and twist the hair detangling with your fingers until oily/creamy and fully covered. Let the pre-poo sit for (2-5) minutes depending on the willingness of your little one 😊! If you have a deep conditioning cap, then we strongly recommend you use it. For safety purposes, it is not a good idea to use a hooded dryer.

Bimpe's Ginger Baby Pre-poo is Everything!.

Our pre-poo is made with pure and organic Murumuru Butter. This all-natural and penetrating butter is highly moisturizing.

Murumuru Butter is extracted from the seeds of Murumuru Palms that flourish within the Amazon Rainforest and are excellent emollients that seal in moisture.

Our Gigi's Ginger Baby Pre-Poo™ is rich in antioxidants and will protect your baby's scalp and hair against vulnerability. This handmade natural and organic pre-poo is delicate enough for your baby yet powerful enough for you!

Here are a few of Bimpe's pre-poo best practices

For Baby: Apply Gigi's Ginger Baby Pre-Poo™ to your baby's scalp and hair. Let the pre-poo sit for 2-3 minutes to add needed nutrients, hydration, and moisture. Next, rinse thoroughly— shampoo with Bimpe's Rehydrating Rosemary Shampoo™. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Lastly, apply Bimpe's Signature Sissy's Sunflower, Lemon, and Lavender Leave-In Conditioner™.

For Restoration & Repair: After swimming, apply to the scalp and hair to restore stripped oils and nutrients caused by bleach or saltwater. Leave in.

For Monthly Deep Conditioning (Ages 6 +): Apply to the scalp and hair generously. Wrap the hair in a plastic cap and sit under a hairdryer for 15-20 minutes: Rinse and style.

To Prevent Heat Damage: Apply a small amount of pre-poo to palms. Rub into hair evenly before heat styling.

In conclusion.

Take a look around Bimpe! We have a line of all-natural and organic hair care products for your baby.

Blessings & Favor!

- Bimpe

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