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We have the perfect solution for your baby's or toddler's painful and pesky diaper rash! Our Soothing Baby Bum Cream for Infants and Tots is designed to treat diaper rashes in babies and toddlers. Using natural oils and butters, your baby's skin is gently healed, softened, and restored. As a result of our ingredient's anti-inflammatory properties, inflamed skin is soothed quickly, and the antiseptic properties of the essential oils help prevent future infections. In addition to having natural antifungal properties, Soothing Baby Bum Cream for Infants and Tots also soothes and cools skin irritated by diaper rash. You will be glad you purchased Our Soothing Baby Bum Cream for Infants and Tots for your baby's diaper rash. Our Baby Bum Cream is made with Natural and Organic Coconut Oil and Shea Butter. Natural ingredients help keep your baby's bum moisturized and prevent rashes from occurring in the future.

Organic Baby Butt Cream and Soothing BumBum Oil, 4oz

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  • Organic Avocado Oil + Organic Walnut Oil + Raw Ghanaian Shea Butter + Tea Tree Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil + Lavender Premium Grade Essential Oil + Eucalyptus Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil + Potassium Sorbate + Loads of Time + Passion and Lots of TLC